Hayat Selim

Composer-Orchestrator & Singer-Songwriter


Hayat Selim is a composer/rchestrator, singer/songwriter and choir conductress from Cairo, Egypt. She started her music path younger than she can remember. After a childhood filled with listening to all possible music genres and inspired by movies all her life, she     started playing the piano and joining choirs at the age of nine. She then became a solo artist performing at different venus.

Hayat's path in composition began with songwriting in 2009 when she wrote her first song "A yin, a yang".

In 2010 Hayat helped cofound the GUC Music Ensemble, a small group of students that over the past five years has reached a number of 60 members; from amateurs playing in the gym of the university in 2010 to composers and bands that today have made quite a name in the industry. As a further step, the GUC Music Ensemble created what is today the GUC Music Academy; starting with the GUC Music School project where members of the ensemble are now teaching music. 

In 2012 Hayat wrote the song "Osten oder Westen" which was then orchestrated by the GUC Music Ensemble and performed in Berlin winter 2013. 

In late 2012 Hayat began formally studying classical composition, harmony and music theory with Egyptian composer Ramz Sabry Samy; in parallel with her studies in digital media engineering and technology. 

In 2013 Hayat also started studying classical opera singing with Professor Dr.Neveen Allouba, founder of Fabrica company for music theater, which Hayat joined in 2013.

In 2015 Hayat received a scholarship to MediaSoundHamburg, the international summer academy for film music, came music and sound design where she stumbled upon the bueatiful world of video game music. Her first job in the industry as composer wasas composer and sound designer "Initia: Elemental Arena", a medieval PC shooting game that has gained some popularity in Egypt. Her music for Initia: Elemental Arena qualified her for first prize of "Young Talent Award" 2016, an international game music composition competition in Hamburg, Germany. 

Today Hayat is known as the first female game music composer in the Middle East and is also a choir conductress. She is also pursuing singing and performance of her original songs, the most recent work her Theme Song for "Initia: Elemental Arena" with the title "Initia".